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May. 30th, 2006 09:08 am People

Sometimes I wonder why I want to be a doctor. Not because of the studying or the work or the hours, but because of people. I have met so many people that are just, well we'll go with words like frustrating and infuriating.
I have to get some things off my chest and since my best friend is semi-clueless on most of it and my hubby can be just as frustrated about it as I can be here goes...

I played football a lil while ago. Everything was great on the team until Bernie and I started to become friendly. So the rumor mill began a-runnin' and I played it off but said I had I wicked crush on a fellow player that I knew was totally taken, hoping to deflect a little. It did, but managed to bring on its own set of issues. I worked very hard for that team. Drove for hours to practice, even when I wasn't medically cleared, was at every fundraiser, brought in more money that anyone on the team but hardwork demands no respect or even thanks.
When it came down to it I walked away with two friends, April and Michelle. April bailed, I'm sure because of her father (she doesn't have a mind of her own) once everyone found out Bernie and I were married. Michelle, well, I don't even know. She told me she was moving to CT last year and this year I find out through the grape vine that she's playing for the Roar. GAG ME! She was the one person I was always honest about everything with.

Bernie always wonders why I have a problem trusting people. Obviously this isn't a single isolated incident. It's with most social situations where I'm not quite gay enough or not quite straight enough. That sounds ridiculous but I wish I was making it up. I have found a very few people who treat me with the respect I treat them with. But every day in the ER I see people who I know nothing about where I get a brief history, their stats and vitals, hopefully fix'em up and send them on their way. Perhaps that is why medicine is good for me. The sense of satisfaction from helping someone without the bullsh*t.

That's my rant for the day.

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hey give me a call tomorrow rose