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Happy 2006! - Ashlee — LiveJournal

Jan. 3rd, 2006 04:46 pm Happy 2006!

Holy crap am I getting old! :-)

Quick holiday overview. Christmas eve with the inlaws...the usual Italian 7 fish feast. Christmas day at Rob and Dar's with my family. New Year's eve with his family, but my brother came down.

Gift-wise we did pretty well, my mom going crazy like usual, his mother making a very valiant effort and his siblings wasting their time. I know, that can sound ungrateful, but I'm the kind of person that would rather have a card that I knew took you time to pick out than parts of a make-up giftset. Anyone who knows me knows you're lucky if makeup debuts more than twice a year.

Anywho...got a job managing a restaurant but everyone is telling me not to take it because it would interfere with school too much. We're thinking about moving to LaFayette when our lease is up. It will be wonderful once B has his license.

Tons to do...

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